What is "In-Home Personal Training" 

and why is it right for me?

Many people want to improve their health through physical activity, but either have minimal time to dedicate to heading to a gym, find the atmosphere of a gym intimidating (what the heck is a Pec Deck Machine??) or simply don't know where to start.  I've been there, I understand and I've got you covered.

Through In-Home Personal Training services, I eliminate your need to spend time getting ready to head to the gym and the travel time to and from.  I come to you!  If you book a 35-minute session, all you need to do is have a small space where we can work and answer the door when I arrive.  No packing a gym bag, no travel time and no public change rooms.  No childcare?  No problem... you don't need to leave the house!

You don't need expensive equipment (or any at all), because I come prepared with lots of exercises we can do using either body-weight or small equipment that I bring with me.  Who knew you could get a safe and effective workout with no equipment at all?!  

After a free consultation either over the phone or in person, I design a program specifically suited to your individual needs.  Fat loss?  Increased Energy?  Stress Reduction?  Increased Muscle Tone?  Improved Posture?  Whatever your goals, I can design a program around your specific abilities to help you achieve your individual goals.

35 Minute, 45 Minute and 60 Minute Sessions Available.